My dear Kacvey,

You certainly remember the two previous letters: “Mr. Kem Ley, You Will Not Be Forgotten” and “24 July 2016 – From Wat Chass to Tram Kâk or The Longest Cortege in Memory Lane

100 days have passed and a memorial service was conducted at Wat Chass in honor of Mr. Kem Ley’s soul with the erection of a life-size statue of him.

As a lot of discussions have already been held among the millions of Cambodians of every political orientation and conviction through all means of communications, let keep these 2 articles for long-term documentation:
– The Cambodia Daily of October 17, 2016: Procession Closes 100-Day Ceremony for Slain Analyst, by Ben Sokhean and Zsombor Peter; and
– The Phnom Penh Post of Monday 17 October 2016: Kem Ley’s final farewell, by Touch Sokha and Ananth Baliga

And let also ask 3 OPEN QUESTIONS:
1. “How would those who masterminded Mr. Kem Ley’s assassination feel in their own heart, 100 days after the commission of this horrendous and despicable political crime?”
2. “As practicing Buddhists who celebrated Pchoum Bènn, how would they live up to Buddhism dharma, both spiritually and religiously?”; and
3. “Do they have conscience?”

Kacvey, when answers are in, it will be like studying “Why did Cain kill Abel?”

Post scriptum: In a remark sent to Attilus, Lacydes said: “statues are best seen from a distance.”