My dear Kacvey,

Ah, 14 January 2017 could be a day to be remembered! Both parties “chatted” with chats et chiens, domestic pets!

I guess you were not disappointed by not being invited to both the “wine and dine chatting party with 1,000 journalists” and the forum of opposition not only in Phnom Penh but also in France, the US and Canada. Well, you did not miss or lose anything: on the contrary, you gain a lot by keeping your dignity intact. Can’t wait to read what those 1,000 journalists or others write in their column on Monday morning(*).

One whole month of January has now gone into the new year, and stage curtain is already open on Cambodia with extremely critical reports:

Kacvey, your students will have a lot to study and ponder. This column will be updated as new reports are publicly available. So stay tuned.

(*) Update: Monday 16 January 2017
Thanks to The Cambodia Daily: “Hun Sen, as Journalism Professor, Wines and Dines the Media” (also in Khmer) and The Phnom Penh Post: “Questions not on the menu“, you can now call a spade a spade!