My dear Kacvey,

What a stormy and rowdy time in politics in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk with news on:
– the sudden resignation of the “exiled”,
– the promulgation of law that sends democracy back to the dark age,
– the leaks of social media messages within Hostile Takeover’s realm,
– the intimidation, threat and arrest of private citizens for comments unfavorable to the taste of the ruling party,
– the voluntary leaks of recorded mean-spirited phone conversations between parties leaders,
– the toxic muddle between true and “fake news”, true and “alternative facts”, and
– the “kangaroo-court-like” trial of the presumed assassin of Mr. Kem Ley.

No need to converse or elaborate on those topics as the media has already and amply dwelt on them.

However, if all the above are aggregated, the common thread that comes out reveals that autocracy has reached a sterile plateau of ideas and political imagination that can no longer propel them to meet the challenge of the next two elections in a free and fair manner. They visualize that the electorate would no more give them the benefit of the moral trust and the political confidence. They turn their fear of losing into paranoia and lunacy, because the fear would not just only be about the loss of power but also about the loss of the ability to protect the unimaginable amount of wealth that has been immorally amassed during the last 20 years. So, in order to overcome the fear, the only solution for them is to create an atmosphere of fear and scare by using a combination of repressive military-police-judiciary measures against the public, the critics and the opposition.

A case in point is the threat against the opposition’s electoral campaign slogan: “ដូរ​មេឃុំ​បម្រើ​បក្ស,​ ដាក់​មេឃុំ​បម្រើ​រាស្ត្រ.” They submit that the slogan is meant not only to dishonor the commune chiefs but also to incite hatred among the people. Have they looked into the mirror and see what they have been doing, if they can see?

What a ridiculous, absurd, misguided, and feeble-minded argument. Without a clear conscience, their collective brain must then be empty of reproductive cells for being unable to match wit with acumen. If the slogan turned out to be truthful, the bottom line is that they could sense that when the base crumbled, their entire political structure would henceforth fall apart.

Let wait and see whether they will follow suit with their clamor of threat of lawsuit. In the meantime, the internationalization of the opposition’s slogan for non-Khmer speaking/reading/writing friends could help them appreciating the beauty of Khmer witticism, in political discourse!

Hence: “ដូរ​មេឃុំ​បម្រើ​បក្ស,​ ដាក់​មេឃុំ​បម្រើ​រាស្ត្រ”

“Change commune chiefs who serve the party with those who serve the people.”

“Changer les chefs de commune qui servent le parti contre ceux qui servent le peuple.”
“改选以民为本的村长, 不要以党为主的村长”