My dear Kacvey,

This letter is intended to assist you in your lectures/discussions with your students on the above-mentioned subject which is contemporary, delicate and politically sensitive. It is related to two books and one newspaper article the contents of which would lead you to the notions of “Under the Heavens” (天下), the “Central Kingdom” or “Middle Kingdom” and their historical dynamics that are impacting today’s world politics and conflicts.

  1. RENEWAL – The Chinese State and the New Global History” by Wang Gungwu (王赓武); ISBN: 978 962 996 536 5;
  2. Everything Under the Heavens – How the Past Helps Shape China’s Push for Global Power” by Howard W. French; ISBN: 978 0 385 35332 8. Chapter Four “A Pacified South” deals extensively with Cambodia in its triangular historical and political contexts with China and  Vietnam; and
  3. The ‘Chinazation’ of Cambodia – China’s deepening economic presence is bringing progress – but at what cost?” by Kenji Kawase of Nikkei Asian Review.