My dear Kacvey,

A couple of weeks ago, you asked your students about their readiness for the commune elections on Sunday 4 June 2017, and you indicate that their positive responses are so encouraging that even yourself was surprised by their enthusiasm and determination.

Generation “DEMOCRACY”, here it comes!

Generation “DEMOCRACY” has come of age, after having:

  • studied and learned the tragic and genocidal history of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge,
  • survived to this date with their parents and grand-parents the corrupted, nepotistic and autocratic rule of the ex-Khmer Rouge,
  • seen how the constitutional and acquired rights of citizenry are abused by the power (civilian, military and police) in existence with the explicit complicity of the kangaroo courts,
  • been victims of lands expropriations and decimation of natural habitat,
  • witnessed the continuous destruction of Cambodian natural resources,
  • endured the constant threat of arbitrary arrest and detention for expression of different ideas and opinions,
  • been subjected to the blindness of political obscurity of the current national leadership whose focus is mainly to protect the tyrannic power and the dishonest wealth accumulated by members of the tribe,
  • been astonished and shocked at how political figures who do not toe the line of autocracy are cold-bloodedly assassinated, brutally beaten by hired thugs, illegally wiretapped, and arbitrarily arrested and detained on artificial and trumped charges,
  • perceived that the ruling party, after 30 years of political monotony, has transformed Cambodia into a private fiefdom under the control of one man – and one man only – without accountability whatsoever,
  • experienced the economic hardship due to the disparity in income distribution between the corrupted 1% and the remaining 99%, and, last but not least,
  • given no opportunity to try or to taste the flavor of free and democratic discussions and debates.

Generation “DEMOCRACY”, the time is now yours to show that you are:

  • responsible citizens for yourselves, your future and Cambodia,
  • concerned citizens who are equal in constitutional rights and obligations with those who seek your vote and voice,
  • citizens who care about Cambodia that belongs to all of you together,
  • independent and sovereign in expressing your political opinion through secret ballot,
  • the owners of your belief, conviction and principle,
  • confident that “change” is the way that the future, since time memorial, always conducts itself.

Generation “DEMOCRACY”, you must remember that the world moves with constant changes. The most original and philosophical idea and demonstration of change are contained in an ancient Chinese classic called “Book of Change” (Yijing 易经). It goes as follows: “In ancient times, when Baoxi had come to rule over all under Heaven, he looked up and contemplated the images exhibited in the sky and looked down and observed the processes taking place on earth. He contemplated the patterns on the birds and the beasts and the properties of the land … Thus he devised the Eight Trigrams (bagua 八卦), in order to communicate with the unknown and classify the relations of every object and phenomenon on earth… Change must occur when the existing way is no longer adequate, and only through change can a new workable way be found. As long as it works, the existing way lasts. Heaven protect those who change with the change of circumstances.

Generation “DEMOCRACY”, ask yourself: If you can’t change, who else could?
By voting, you have the capacity to move things forward. You vote, you change, and “democracy” is yours, your Cambodia.
It’s up to you to count on yourself.
Don’t live in the future with the outdated.
Get rid of the old Khmer Krâhârm’s leftover image and symbol.

Generation “DEMOCRACY”, you have the limitless power to shake up the status quo.
Exercise it, en masse.