My dear Kacvey,

On both shores of the Atlantic ocean and in Australia, many young and promising authors of Khmer stock have recently emerged, and their books should now be introduced to the attention of your students.

In France:

Olivier Michael Kim has written four novels:
– Ne réveille jamais un ours qui dort: L’Ordre de Saint-Michel – Tome 1
– Les ours ne font pas des chats: L’Ordre de Saint-Michel – Tome 2
– Un pantin sur la route
– Le Mal de la Mer

Phandararasar Thouch-Fenies @Fanfan92664271 has written:
– Une famille au pays de l’Angkar

Eleonore Sok-Halkovich @EleonoreSok has written:

In the US:

Sambath Meas @MissSambathMeas has written two novels:
– The Governor’s Daughter – Mysteries of Colonial Cambodia
– The Immortal Seeds: Life goes on for a Khmer family

Vaddey Ratner has written two novels:
– Music of the Ghosts
– In the Shadow of the Banyan

Sotheary Ortego has written:
– SOULFUL JOURNEY: Against All Odds

Variny Yim has written:
– The Immigrant Princess

Neary Heng has written:
– From Internment to Fulfillment – How To Shift Into Peace, Purpose & Prosperity Against All Odds

Kenneth T. So has released in October 2017 his historical 2-volume masterpiece: “The Khmer Kings and the History of Cambodia” (DatAsia Press; ISBN 9781934431368 and 9781934431375)

Sokunthary Svay @SokSrai has written her poems in:
– Apsara in New York

Bunkong Tuon @BunkongTuon has published three books of poetry:
– Gruel
– And So I was blessed
– The Doctor Will Fix It

Krystal M. Chuon has published a book of poetry:
– Follow the Mekong Home

Monica Sok @monicasokwrites has published a book of poetry:
– A Nail the Evening Hangs On

In Australia, Alice Pung has written five books:
– Unpolished Gem
– Growing Up Asian in Australia
– Her Father’s Daughter
– Laurinda
– Lucy and Linh

Francis Bacon, once, said: “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man” to which Joseph Addison added: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

We must include Just Sierra’s poem “Every End Is a New Beginning” in this letter, because what she said is so true and wonderful:
“Every end is just a new beginning
A chapter closed, but always printing
All memories earned in pain and laughter
One book to be closed, but a quest to be after.

“If life is a cable and hope is the wheel
And love is the arrow in the Achilles’ heel
One line was cut yet the thread is still spinning
For every end, hope delivers a new beginning

“No need for words, goodbyes, or sorrow
There is never forever, but only tomorrow
When all doors close and we choke with despair
A new day brings open windows and fresh air

“At the end of the road, on the edge of the earth,
I continue with purpose for all that it’s worth
I take a leap forward, jump into the dark
There can never be an end when there’s life in my heart.”

Please encourage your students to do so during summer vacations.