My dear Kacvey,

In its website, The Daily News published an Associated Press newswires reporting a warning made by the Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who said: “The character of a nation is not the character of its president. The character of a nation is the character of its people.

Although Senator Warren’s warning is related to the current state of domestic political and institutional affairs of the US, the meaning of her statement could well be studied by people of any nation in the world. Idea and concept, like sunlight, moonshine or air, have no frontiers or walls that no man could set up against other man.

That being said, Kacvey, you may wish to share it with your students in the context of Cambodia for their reflection and obiter dictum. Let paraphrase it: “The character of the Cambodian nation is not the character of neither the ex-Khmer Rouge and sitting prime minister, nor the self-exiled ex-leader of the opposition party, nor the combination of them both. The character of the Cambodian nation is the character of its people who defined themselves at the communes elections on 4 June 2017.

At the same time, the Cambodian nation has strongly pronounced for its desire for “change” in the political leadership of the country for its march to the future. The corollary question is: “Why the leaders of political parties cannot change themselves when they know that their behavior, personal or otherwise, are the obstacles that impede the fight for “change” and do not contribute one bit to the desired “change”? Why are their top tier of the leadership stuck with the same people without rhyme or reason?

Kacvey, let help your students building up their good attitude and character for the future of Cambodia, and to avoid what Albert Einstein, once, said: “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character” to happen.