My dear Kacvey,

Is there a betting parlor in the  City of Tonlé Buon Mouk? You may ask: Why? Well, it looks like betting has become a big hobby in the autocratic tribe, as the father bets on his life and the son on hundred of millions of US dollars on issues occurring in Paris.

Your students must have laughed their head off when they read those stories on conventional or social media. They must also hope that their parents or relatives would spare their meager income not to get involved in those demented schemes set up by wicked and unprincipled people who are legacy of the Khmer Rouge.

So, this is how the father bets on his life​. It sounds good to the outside world as it seems that he considers life is a gamble; or may be he doesn’t know anymore what to do with his political life as the odds are not in his favor at the next elections.
And this is how the son would wager US$ 200 millions. Nobody wants to see the color of that money but the fear of “color revolution” gives the gamblers shiver down their spine.

For us, all bets are off and we’ll be watching whatever the results on the big screen to witness “Live” how the father’s life would be disposed of and how the US$200 millions would be paid off by the son.

It’s fine that they gamble with their own life, fortune and wealth accumulated through corruption and dishonesty; it’s their business and their choice. Their loss will be a big win for Cambodia.

– Reuters, 8 November 2017: Cambodia PM bets on court dissolving main opposition party