My dear Kacvey,

Three flat news reports came out from the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk after the visit by the Japanese Foreign Minister, Mr. Kono Taro 河野 太郎  on Sunday 8 April 2018.

Reuters wired an article: Japan, Cambodia sign $90 million aid agreement, Australian abc NEWS reported: Japan’s foreign minister seeks free and fair Cambodia polls, and Japanese NHK World had a short and soporific article: Kono urges Hun Sen to hold fair election.

You may wonder why did Mr. Kono Taro bothered to fly from Narita down to Pochentong just to repeat the same sitting-on-the-fence or watching-China-move stand like his Ambassador Hidehisa Horinouchi or the advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Kentaro SONOURA have so far done, i.e. urging Cambodia to hold free and fair elections. It seems that the Japanese definition of “free and fair elections in Cambodia” is not different from the one given by the ex-KR autocrat, albeit diametrically contrary to the philosophical and traditional democracy, respect of rule of law and intellectual integrity in the land of the Chrysanthemum Throne.

Furthermore, Japan keeps on saying “Japan will keep monitoring the situation.” Then, how much longer Japan keeps on doing that if after 60 years of diplomatic relationship, Japan has not succeeded to find out how Cambodia has navigated under 33 years of the ex-KR rule? Maybe Japanese electronics giants could provide a bigger central government database under a free-interest loan agreement to monitor Cambodia’s political pulse!

One could just wonder how foreign affairs conducted by the land of the Rising Sun toward Cambodia have become in the current rise of those of the Middle Kingdom.

Kacvey, should Khmer people thank Japan for the gift of an imaginary nihonto 日本刀 to the ex-KR autocrat to slaughter the remnants of Khmer democracy?