My dear Kacvey,

Did you have time to breathe a little bit with a glass of iced tea after those announcements from both the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk and Washington?

With allowance given for the difference of time zone, the sycophant nec (like in “pain in the …”) announced, as reported by AFP, that Cambodia ruling party sweeps parliament after vote with no opposition.

The weak strongman had just the time to brag in his Facebook account about the horrid and crooked victory on the sham election, Reuters reported from Washington that the U.S. says it is expanding visa bans over ‘flawed’ Cambodia poll.

And oh boy, what a slap under the eye of the weak strongman! And the Dirty Dozen, or Dirty Seventeen, must have been working hard on the phone to their relatives or handlers in the US. Meanwhile, their ambassador in Washington is nowhere to be seen or heard of. He’s just too small to face such a big political summer hurricane! And their new permanent representative to the UN hasn’t even known what is the difference between the UN and the US.

Meanwhile the lord of the Northern Capital has congratulated the weak strongman for being a docile vassal by keeping the Chinese overseas possession a fertile terrain for Chinese casinos and thugs and settlers from the Mainland.

Kacvey, more update will be forthcoming.