My dear Kacvey,

Al Jazeera just reported that Cambodia rights activist freed from jail after pardon. While we are delighted about Tep Vanny’s release from unjust incarceration, we wish her more courage in the enjoyment of freedom that is being crushed by the autocratic regime of the ex-KR weak strongman.

Pardon doesn’t solve the issue of her land that was illegally and forcefully grabbed from her. Where is it now? Why is it not also “pardoned” or returned to her? Why subjecting her to double punishment?

There is no doubt that this royal pardon that was initiated and requested by the weak strongman is part of his stratagem to placate the severe and ferocious condemnations of his horrid and crooked victory over a sham election. In the same vein, let your memory be refreshed by a letter that was written to you on 4 December 2016 under the title: War of Words – Part IV: Would Royal Pardon end It?

In the land of the Khmer, things are getting worst with autocracy and corruption hitting the 7th sky. The same weak strongman whose henchmen took the land from Tep Vanny, arrested her for protest against such barbarian acts, condemned and jailed her in the kangaroo court with servitude to the autocrat, now pretends to be a liberator or savior sowing pardon to those upon whom he inflicted injuries? Give heaven a break!

Kacvey, beware of a sleeping fox with one eye closed, or as Ruth Brown, once said: “A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.”