My dear Kacvey,

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States and for all Americans living around the globe. And Happy Thanksgiving to you!

You might recall a letter sent to you on Thursday 27 November 2014 on the subject of Thanksgiving. But today, let fantasize the imagination differently.

Imagine the weak strongman is invited to a Thanksgiving dinner by one of his American friend who happened to be a fake international zombie observer during the last sham election, and also imagine what would be served at the dinner table. But, Kacvey, the issue here is not about the type, nature, exotics or diet of the dishes, it’s rather about whether the weak strongman has the ability to chew when he has a lot on his plate and to stomach them without having heartburn, indigestion or colic afterwards.

With his recent trips to Singapore and Port Moresby, although he was only seen waving his right hand like a puppet in various photo-ops, he must have been attending endless banquets served by the host countries. So, for a change, the chef has been instructed to only use “local ingredients” that the weak strongman has been promoting.

Here is the imagined menu:
Appetizer: Sham election with 125 roasted frogs.
First entrée: European EBA with ingredients from Thbong Khmoum.
Second entrée: Chinese military base with ingredients from Koh Kong garnished with Kampong Som casinos chips.
Dessert: Wager on house arrest à la sauce parisienne.
Beverage: Water from Tonlé Buon Mouk.

The chef has tasted and if he didn’t find them delicious, they wouldn’t go on the menu for the madman.

Meantime, Bon appétit!

Oh by the way, the chef has also whispered that there are no “bai kôk” and “tréy ngiét” as substitutes!