My dear Kacvey,

Happiness and Good Health be with you when celebrating the Chaul Chnam Kor!

Goddesses of previous Chaul Chnam have already left Cambodia with a tacit message that Khmer are adult enough to deal with their own problems as humans. Goddesses are only on painted or digitalized images for their imagination, abstract feeling, invisible hope and far away dream.

Have fun with your friends and family during the holidays, as the space in Cambodia for vacations has enormously shrinked by the weak strongman for Chinese casinos and Chinese presence.

It would be unfair to underestimate the goodwill of Tevoda Chrouk on her first day in the sky over Cambodia, but if all Goddesses – Monkey, Rooster, Dog – are alike and cut from the same clothes, let welcome them with joined hands, open heart and respect of the unknown and invisible,without false pretense and hypocrisy.

Divinity is beyond the realm and power of the mortals.

Happy Chaul Chnam Chrouk!