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Christopher Treshan Perera answered the question: What was Cambodia before the Cambodian genocide? What changed?

Kaiser Kuo answered the question: What was it about the 20th Century that created monsters like Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and Mao?

Brenna Saunders answered the question: Why did Pol Pot kill his people?

Andrew Crawford answered the questions: Did the Cambodians create a very high civilization in Southeast Asia? Why is today Cambodia a poor country?
Was Hun Sen of Cambodia a member of Khmer Rouge? Why does he have power?

Philip Ford answered the question: How did Pol Pot come to power?

Dave Turner answered the question: How can Pol Pot be compared with Hitler, Stalin or Mao?

Sinet Sem answered the question: Is Hun Sen a fair leader in Cambodia?

Robert Wagner answered the question: Cambodia: Why was Pol Pot not killed after being deposed?

David Krueger answered the question: Cambodia: Who is responsible for empowering the Khmer Rouge?

Alejandro Peralta answered the questions: What was the strategic purpose of Vietnam’s invasion of Cambodia?
Would the Khmer Rouge genocide have happened if the US had won the Vietnam War?

Namru Casterly answered the question: Were the Vietnamese invaders during the Cambodian-Vietnamese war greeted as liberators by the people of Cambodia?

Salem Stanley answered the question: Cambodia: Why wasn’t the UN involved in the Khmer Rouge genocide?

Gwydion Madawc Williams answered the question: Why did so many Cambodians support Pol Pot?

Preston Ingalls answered the question: What is the solution to Vietnam war against Cambodia?

Matt Jones answered the question: Kampuchea: How does ethnic cleansing committed by the Khmer Rouge regime affecting Cambodians today?

Trang Vu answered the question: Why did Vietnam invade Cambodia?

George McBride answered the question: Although Vietnam saved Cambodia from the vicious Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodians generally view Vietnam as the enemy. Why so?

Hoàng Nguyên answered the question: Has Cambodia recovered from the Khmer Rouge?

Suttichart Denpreuktham answered the question: Is Cambodia an imminent threat to Vietnam?

LeRoy Duvall answered the question: What is it like to live in Cambodia?

Jacques Văn Khải answered the questions: Did Vietnam try to annex Cambodia and Laos after the end of the Vietnam War?
Why did Vietnam occupy Cambodia for ten years after overthrowing the Khmer Rouge?

Greg Moylan answered the questions: Cambodia: Why did China support the Khmer Rouge regime when ethnic cleansing was their main priority?
How did Pol Pot get away with war crimes?

Nguyễn Khánh answered the question: Can we consider the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia as a war crime?

Neil O’Connell answered the question: Why is Cambodia so undeveloped?

Duc Thanh Nguyen answered the questions: Did Vietnam destroy Cambodia’s civilization and reduce Cambodia to a minor power? Did Thailand? Why?
When Hun Sen is removed from power, will Vietnam invade Cambodia again?

Andrew Crawford answered the question: Is Cambodia politically stable?

Nguyen Huu answered the question: What is the relationship like between Cambodia and Vietnam?

Andrew Dang answered the question: What are the reasons Vietnam doesn’t apologize to China and Cambodia for the war in Cambodia?

Oudom Thach answered the question: What good things did Pol Pot do?

Adam Fayed, answered the question: Is life hard in Cambodia?

Julian Dalton answered the question: In Cambodia, how does religion influence politics?

Jianzhong Chen answered the question: Why was Vietnam condemned for removing the Khmer Rouge who were commiting genocide from power?

Peter Topping answered the question: How come a small developing country like Vietnam can politically influence Laos and Cambodia?

James Beck answered the question: How is Buddhism manifested in Cambodia’s political structure and laws?

Banh Dau answered the question: Can China help Cambodia retake Southern Vietnam?

Zhang Cheng answered the question: Why did Pol Pot attack a Vietnamese village in the Mekong Delta? Did Vietnam support Khmer Rouge coup against legitimate Cambodia govt before this?

Sang Phan answered the question: Why is China building a lot of stuff for Cambodia but not for Vietnam?

Jon Morris answered the question: What is the strangest thing you have seen or heard while in Cambodia?

Smilinger Zhang answered the question: Have China put Mr. Hun Sen to destabilize Cambodia, turn it upside down, make it under China control?

Thang Luu answered the question: Since Cambodia was a neutral nation during the Vietnam war, why did Vietnam still invade them and used their land against US or South Vietnam?

Ananda Syahendar Perdana answered the question: What is the most Chinese-influenced country in Southeast Asia?

Kounila Keo answered the question: Does anyone still support the Khmer Rouge?

Peter Topping answered the question: Why has Cambodia pursued a foreign policy much closer to China than have its neighbors?

Giao Vu answered the question: Why did Pol Pot kill over 2 million people?

Surachai Jaturapattarapong answered the question: How do Cambodians view Vietnamese?

Daniel Mokrauer-Madden answered the question: Why is Pol Pot’s Cambodian revolution rarely taught in western history?

Umakant Singh answered the question: Whom does the U.S. President Trump support in Cambodian politics: the current Prime Minister Hun Sen, or the opposition leader Sam Rainsy?

Orlando Barrios answered to the question: How would Cambodia be different if the Khmer Rouge remained in power and was not overthrown by Vietnam and FUNSK (Khmer Rouge dissidents) in 1979?