My dear Kacvey,

Here is a transcript of a conversation that did not take place.

Paris XXI: Allô, Paris XXI vous écoute.
Tuorl Kôrk: Hello, it’s Tuorl Kôrk speaking.
Paris XXI: Good to hear your voice. Aren’t you afraid that your phone is wiretapped?
Tuorl Kôrk: It’s always been. What else is new! The more they wiretap, the more the world knows.
Paris XXI. Let’s go straight to the point.
Tuorl Kôrk: It’s August, and September is next.
Paris XXI. I know and I’m ready.
Tuorl Kôrk. Can’t greet you when you’re in, because they lay many rings of barbed wire around me.
Paris XXI. The “HCM trail” will carry the bag of rice to you.
Tuorl Kôrk. Thanks, but remember this: 以逸待劳.
Paris XXI. Yeah, choosing the time and place, and confusing the enemy.
Tuorl Kôrk. Few critical dates in September: 1: Death of Louis XIV, 2: London was on fire, 4: Los Angeles was founded, 9: Mao Zedong died, 11: Terrorists attacked World Trade Center, 11: I was released on bail but still in house arrest, 12: Germany unified, 15: Agatha Christie was born, 19: New Zealand, first country to grant women the right to vote, 25: William Faulkner was born…
Paris XXI: We have the map and the calendar.
Tuorl Kôrk: Make it one of the days of Khmer history!
Paris XXI. Is your phone on 5G?
Tuorl Kôrk: What’s the difference, 4G or 5G, both Chinese and Vietnamese are listening anyway, and it’s good that they do because they even know what time the other guy goes to pee or … if he still can.
Paris XXI. What’s the mood inside the lair?
Tuorl Kôrk: Pretty nervous ’cause the split is real inside each family. They only focus on arresting “you” by using 擒贼擒王 stratagem, and they don’t have a clue on what to do next. They don’t dare asking their masters because they are f… if their masters know their stupid ruse.
Paris XXI. Role reversal of 17 April 1975?
Tuorl Kôrk: And the “shoulder pain” of the other guy is not a good sign of encouragement to his sycophants.
Paris XXI: What’s the mood on the river banks?
Tuorl Kôrk: The tapes of your return in July 2013 and the funerals of Mr. Kem Ley in July 2016 are just too big for their mind. Fear isn’t even the right word.
Paris XXI. How the flood could be played?
Tuorl Kôrk: It’s neither good for you nor for him.
Paris XXI. And the Chinese?
Tuorl Kôrk: They won’t come out against you. Catch one who can’t speak Khmer or know nothing about Khmer, and the embassy will deny: it’s too risky for this master.
Paris XXI: And the Vietnamese?
Tuorl Kôrk: They will just watch and wait to see how the guy handles it.
Paris XXI. Any នំបញ្ចុក or “noum kruork” party before?
Tuorl Kôrk: Don’t be de-focused. Work first, eat later.
Paris XXI. That’s it, right?
Tuorl Kôrk. That’s it, for now.