My dear Kacvey,

Your students might already and surely heard or known about these 3 anti-oppression songs; they were all written by young and contemporary composers to express their thirst for true democracy and freedom that they want to liberate from the yoke of autocracy, military or otherwise.

Smart phones with headsets are good devices for your students to listen again to these songs at their time and leisure, regardless whether they are banned by the authorities. The songs are from three different countries but the music can travel beyond the controlled borders the same way the idea and value of democracy and freedom do.

Let play the music of freedom and democracy through the links below:

The Guardian
‘Gun at your throat’: viral rap song tests freedom of speech in Thailand

Voice of America
In Cambodia, Politics Push Musicians Into Self-Censorship

The Guardian
‘Glory to Hong Kong’: pro-democracy anthem embraced by protesters


何以  土这地  泪再流
何以  令众人  亦憤恨
昂首  拒默沈  吶喊声  响透
盼自由   归于  这里

何以  这恐惧  抹不走
何以 为信念 从没退后
何解  血在流  但迈进声 响透
建自由  光辉  香港

在晚星  坠落 彷徨午夜
迷雾里  最远处吹来  号角声
捍自由  来齐集这里  来全力抗对
勇气  智慧  也永不灭

黎明来到  要光复  这香港
同行儿女  为正义  時代革命
祈求  民主与自由  万世都不朽

We pledge: No more tears on this land.
In wrath, doubts dispelled, we make our stand.
Arise! ye who will not be slaves again;
For Hong Kong, may freedom reign!

Though deep is the dread that lies ahead,
Yet still, with our faith, on we tread.
Let blood rage afield! Our voice grows ever more:
For Hong Kong, may glory reign!

Stars may fade, as darkness fills the air;
Through the mist, a solitary trumpet flares:
Now to arms! For freedom we fight! With all might we strike!
With valor and wisdom both, we stride!

Break now the dawn, liberate our Hong Kong,
In common breath: “Revolution of our time!”
May people reign, proud and free, now and ever more;
Glory be to thee, Hong Kong!

As Plato, once, said: “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”