My dear Kacvey,

In a cavern inside the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk, is the war between the “prime minister” and his 1st deputy now open to public view?

You may wish to closely analyze these 2 articles since you live right in the middle of the axis between the residences of the weak strongman and of the “deputy”:
1) Cambodianess: “Confiscated Lion Returned to Chinese Owner Following PM Hun Sen’s Intervention” by reporter/journalist Phoung Vantha, and
2) Phnom Penh Post: “Sar Kheng: No violence towards protesters” by reporter/journalist Voun Dara.

Is the weak strongman now trying to tell the world that not only he screwed his government front and back by stupidly reversing his own Ministry of Environment action just to please his Northern Capital master but also by so dying he is the worst imbecile and sick among world autocrats, past and present?

Kacvey, would you happen to know whether the weak strongman and the deputy talk to each other, and why the deputy was not at the meeting with U.S. Deputy State Secretary when the issues of human rights, arrest and jailing of opposition politicians and activist were discussed?

Rumors of dissention inside the corrupt people party has been in the air for quite sometime, is this the 1st of ray of light out of that tunnel of secrecy after 37 years of ex-KR rules, corruption as high as Mount Everest and wide as the Pacific ocean, and the selling of land, lakes, rivers, seashores, swamps, forests, rice fields, sands and mountains to 2 groups of foreigners?

The weak strongman was so silent on the issue of eviction of floating houses on the Mekong, and now becomes so vocal on the lion owned by that hideous Chinese man? Is he now the unconditional defender of the Chinese man inhumanely atrocious and illegal action?

There is common denominator between the Chinese man and the weak strongman: their attitude of cruelty against living creatures. The weak strongman arrests and jails opposition politicians and activists with bogus and trumped charges. The hideous Chinese man deteethed and denailed the lion, a torture method in ancient time and similar to what went on in Tuol Sleng under the KR, to which the weak strongman belonged before he fled to the neighboring country to seek help in 1977.