My dear Kacvey,

It looks like the train of US policy on Cambodia is hitting a high speed in Washington. Right after the visit by the Deputy Secretary of States, Wendy Sherman, to Phnom Penh in June 2021, the US legislative branch has been taking tremendous steps to go side by side with the White House.

On 28 July 2021, Congressmen Steve Chabot and Alan Lowenthal had endeavored to have the “Cambodia Democracy Act” UNANIMOUSLY and favorably voted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

On 5 August 2021, Senators Ed Markey, Marco Rubio and Dick Durbin jointly undertook to introduce legislation “Cambodia Democracy and Human Rights Act” to the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee.

The weak strongman may brush it off arguing that he had seen these maneuvers before, and that wouldn’t give him sleepless nights or further increase his blood pressure. So be it for himself!

While you and your students are going to study the situation as time goes by, one thing that seems not to be seen by the weak strongman is that his two foreign masters have no “counterweights” to Washington initiatives in their respective capitals of Inner River and Northern Capital. Northern Capital might continue to flow more money to the weak strongman’s pockets in the name of unshakable and historical friendship, development and BRI, whereas Inner River, while snubbing the weak strongman, is shaking the US hands joyfully and cooperatively day after day.

The US has written Cambodia Democracy in two acts; will the third and final one be the crowning of Democracy in Cambodia?

Exeunt the ex-KR-turned-corrupt-autocrat?