My dear Kacvey,

68 years ago, Sihanouk succeeded to end the protectorate from France.

68 years after the declaration of Independence from France, the weak and corrupt ex-KR begins the vassalization and Chinafication of Cambodia with this line in front of the entire world: “If I don’t rely on China, who will I rely on? If I don’t ask China, who am I to ask?

King Norodom would now turn in his stupa as he would never debased himself to have said such a servile thing when he signed the protectorate treaty in 1863.

Please archive this Nikkei Asia article of 20 May 2021 for historical records: Cambodia’s Hun Sen: ‘If I don’t rely on China, who will I rely on?’

With a total debt to foreigners estimated at about US$10 billions, Independence for Cambodia is not only a meaningless word but also a return to a style of dependence with Chinese characteristics.